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You’re ready for a change. Life’s routine is starting to feel like a rut. Once you get started, you know you’ll be happier but you aren’t sure of the first steps to take.

It’s time to invest in some guidance…

Get Inspired

Supper stand with inspirational quotes
A warm community atmosphere

Join a small group of like-minded, curious people. Create and learn in community.

Develop Creative Thinking

Previous participants creating their vision boards.
All materials provided

Learn creative thinking strategies and the power of experimenting and play to unlock innovative solutions.

Tap Your Motivation

Vision board result from the workshop
Vision Board result from the workshop

Clear what’s holding you back and understand what motivates you by visualising the future.

I walked away feeling excited about the future!

~ Louise

Invite Innovation will introduce you to a framework to get unstuck. You will build clarity and confidence in the next step by identifying what you really want in life and work, uncovering what’s holding you back from attaining it and unlocking new innovative opportunities to move forward.

Previous participants have:

* Overcome procrastination and restarted her pottery craft and business after 20 years
* Found motivation to finally change her diet and improve her health
* Discovered that cleaning her house would clean her soul and invite a vibrant social life
* Clarified her intention behind self-development and the next direction she would like to grow

Join Waitlist and be the first to know about upcoming workshops

Hear what others had to say:

“I enjoyed that it was entirely practical – no PowerPoints, slide shows, videos or other technology. Just face to face interactions and hands on materials.”


The Boost I Needed

Flipchart that says, "Beliefs are not truths" from the workshop

“I thought your workshop might give me a boost to get my act together. I found the inspiration or spark to move ahead in some areas. I liked the key images/charts with helpful ideas.

The workshop is a helpful tool to work out how happy you are with the main areas of your life, and it could help to give you a boot up the bum (inspiration) to progress and make changes where you would like improvement.”
~ Maria

Something for Everyone

“I hoped to gain more self awareness on how my mind operates (identifying fears that may be holding me back and working out strategies to overcome them).I really enjoyed the workshop and had a lot of fun, it was all good vibes.

Hannah kept it interesting with different activities and topics which included over coming limiting beliefs, goal setting, being present, getting creative, meditation and how we are going to take what we learnt into future aspirations and life.

You could really get something tangible out of the workshop that was personal to each. For me, this was really beneficial.”
~ Louise

New Ways of Thinking

Participants working on their vision boards

“I hoped to be exposed to some new ways of thinking about some concerns in my life.

Hannah created a friendly, welcoming and calm atmosphere. She worked with a range of concerns that people came with.

I was reminded about how creativity can bring new ways of thinking about issues and bring up solutions while your brain is in a more free-wheeling state.”
~ Annie

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No art skills required.
All materials provided.

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