Get your business investor ready

If you can’t take time away from your business,
you have a problem.

It can be hard to imagine ever wanting to leave behind a business you’ve worked hard to build. Yet, there are many reasons:

  • Your business may be your best shot at a comfortable retirement
  • You may want to start another business
  • You may need to liquidate some cash
  • You may want more time for family or adventure
  • You may want to sleep better at night knowing that you could sell your business if you wanted or needed to

This new, interactive private masterclass series is about building qualities into your business so that it can run without you, holds maximum value and can be sold at any moment for the highest price.

More than an exit strategy – it’s an options strategy giving you the flexibility to remain in your business and grow its value while also being able to pivot in changing markets, expand with investors or sell your business as your needs and desires require.

Transitioning to an options model and preparing your business for sale can be a long and complex process.

Simple, clear guidance from the start can save much of the headache and add significant value to your business down the line.

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Learn how to build qualities into your business so that it can run with out you, holds maximum value for investors and can be sold if you choose to.

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Amazing – absolutely go for it!
Hannah is very professional, knowledgeable, confidential, supportive and personable!

~ CATHY, Local business owner

Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Recognise the benefits of setting up your business model correctly and what can go wrong if you don’t
  • Write a compelling story about the purpose of investment
  • Review a pre-investor checklist and identify action steps for your business.
  • Identify types of investors and what they look for
  • Discuss value-adding and value-detracting characteristics of a business
  • Discuss required documentation and processes for a strong case
  • Learn what to look for in a team to help you and investor marketing plan considerations.

Planning the case properly helps you appeal to the right investors which can mean a better financial result and more favourable finance conditions. It’s well worth the effort.

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