Workshops and Coaching

We need to keep investing in ourselves and our teams in order to keep growing. Below, you can find workshop topics that I already offer (click on the name of the workshop for details). If you’re interested in facilitation services with your own content or a custom program, please get in touch directly.

What would it mean to your business if your team was more engaged and confident?

“Why wouldnʼt you want to invest in your business this way? Itʼs enjoyable, fun, creative, inspirational, thought provoking, genuine and you come away feeling more capable.

We became a team, we learned about ourselves and each other and feel more connected and supportive. We have less anxiety, more confidence and are more relaxed. Our business performance has improved.”

Katie Shannon, co-owner operator of Two Brown Dogs and A Cat

Ready to invest in yourself and your team? Get in touch for a free consultation to review your goals, preferred outcomes and value in return for the investment.

Be brave and curious,
Hannah Fitzgibbon

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