Introduction to Learn Watercolour with Hannah Fitzgibbon (2:57)

I’m so excited to create with you!

Welcome to Learn Watercolour. These lessons are designed to complement my in-person watercolour classes.

I have designed this programme as an 8-week introduction to watercolour. Unlike other artists, my goal is not to teach you my style. My goal is to teach you some techniques applied to a range of subject matter so that you can develop your own style.

I encourage you to give each class a go, even if it’s not your thing. And also pay attention to your curiosity and which classes feel really fun for you – these are clues for you to explore further after the programme as you continue to develop your artistic voice.

Tips to get the most out of the programme

Take control of your learning. Pause the videos at any time and try the layers yourself.

Use the cog icon to control the playback speed. Slow it down or speed it up to suit you.

Practice. If you’ve done some painting before, you may feel tempted to skip the basics but I encourage you not to. My work has improved exponentially by teaching these basics over and over again (I’ve done them at least 6 times).

Have fun. Creating is about much more than the end result. The process itself has so many benefits. At first the learning can be challenging, but as you get familiar with the techniques, you’ll start to drop into flow and feel a deep sense of relaxation and satisfaction as you paint.

Thanks for being here with me!