How to use the Discover Toolkit

Welcome to the dance, my friend.

You’ve covered a little bit of essential context and knowledge to make the most out of these tools and now it’s time to play.

As you explore the tools, you’ll encounter references to the terminology we’ve covered: specifically fixed and responsive tools and problem categories. We’ll also dive more deeply into psychological concepts and strategies like mindsets, conditioning and limiting beliefs. These lessons will be available to you if you ever need a refresher.

You take the reins of your learning journey from here. This is your playground.

There are a few different ways you can approach the tools:

Pick your own adventure

Scan the tools and pick one that piques your curiosity. Explore related or unrelated tools at your leisure from there. Apply them directly to projects you’re working on and let us know how you get on. A wild and unpredictable escapade through the tools that mimics and complements your creative life and business.

Explore with a guide

If you need a little structure, like accelerating down a runway before you take off, we’ll be building some recommended pathways based around specific goals and processes in the near future.

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