Welcome, Inquisitive Adventurer.

Cultivate the self-confidence and clarity you need to create a life you love and a legacy you’re proud of.


“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – finding themselves”

Andre Gide

Welcome to Discover, a place for the wild and curious adventurers. The outsiders. The enterprising. The dreamers.


You were meant to Discover: to blaze your own trail into the wild unknown, find your treasure and feel joy during the process. But something is keeping you stuck.

What if you had the confidence to take creative risks knowing you would always land on your feet?

What if you could learn tools – processes, models, different ways to think about and do things – to help you find your way and take action even in uncertain circumstances? Imagine what you could create, what you could experience.

let me guess…

Deep down you have a creative urge, a desire to build something new, a legacy to leave.

You know the pain of playing too small and too safe:

  • bumping heads against a micro-managing boss
  • watching from the sidelines as others launch businesses and make an impact
  • hoping someone will recognise your vast potential
  • abandoning creations before they see the light of day because you’re worried what people will think
  • waiting for the right time, waiting until you know enough, waiting until you have enough money, just waiting…

You’re ready to stretch your legs and lean in to the unknown...


A toolkit to support your life’s adventure. A collection of creative thinking tools you can actively apply to spark new ideas and access inspiration, clarify your vision and make decisions, let go of creative blocks and take imperfect action all the while gaining confidence and trust in yourself.

Discover is a process to shift from lost traveller to cartographer by which you are empowered to chart and plot the course of your own life, solve unknown problems and find your inner and outer treasure.

It’s time to Discover…

  • your inner strength and endless inspiration
  • confidence even when the outcome is unknown
  • opportunity and unimagined treasures
  • your purpose and motivation
  • clarity to confidently make decisions
  • the next step so you can take action even if you don’t have all the details

“It is the set of the sail, not the wind, that determines which direction we will go.”

Jim Rohn

This is not a one-size-fits-all method of success – you know those don’t really work (especially for truly personal and creative endeavours like building your own business or showcasing your art). This is a set of fully-customisable tools that you can mix-and-match in your own exploratory laboratory.

I value a useful and practical approach. I have distilled these tools down from the best thinkers, scientists, innovators, artists and sages of history and combined them with my own experience to curate a playbook of wisdom to help you navigate your wild and precious life.

Examples of the course on a computer

Let me tell you more about it…


I believe in creating programmes that are useful and meaningful – concepts ground in research and experience that can be applied right now. Basically, I have created the kind of programme I wish I had when I was stuck, doubting myself and confused about my place in the world.

What’s included inside the Discover programme?

You’ll get access to the tools in our course portal for the duration of your subscription. It’s a netflix-type subscription to practical and useful tools (processes, models, new ways of thinking and do things) to expand and improve your lived experience.

The Tools help you develop self-confidence, expand your creativity, get clarity to make decisions, minimise resistance and ultimately take action towards your goals.

New tools are added regularly. I encourage you to explore this ever-growing compendium and experiment with the tools in different situations. The goal is to identify the kind of problem you’re solving or situation you’re facing and learn the tools that work best for you.

Rather than learning a limited approach that only works in particular scenarios, you will learn a dynamic approach that can be applied to many different scenarios.

Try a tool now for FREE in the Discover Context course.


Discover is for…

  • Big-hearted, adventurous entrepreneurs, artists and visionaries who need a little help making their mark
  • The ones who feel there’s something bigger meant for them
  • The ones who know there’s no such thing as getting rich quick and want to pursue deeply meaningful, fulfilling goals
  • The curious, playful explorers
  • The ones who are ready to challenge their thinking, expand their perspective and take small risks on the way to discovering a new, joyful way of life

It’s not for…

  • Those who don’t like self-directed learning and self-discovery
  • Those who need deeper healing-support containers
  • The ones who are content with their circumstances
  • Confusion and lack of clarity is ok; lack of curiosity is not
  • Those not ready to commit to themselves

“I feel more grounded and clear on the path I want to go down creatively.”

Courtney Jines – Storyteller

Meet your guide.

I’ve always been an explorer.


Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m here to guide you through the wild unknown using creative tools and processes. I help you create a life driven more by curiosity and joy than by fear – especially when the outcome isn’t guaranteed.

I used to think there was nothing else to be discovered or invented. The stories of old explorers were romantic and called to my curious soul but I didn’t see how it was possible for me. Instead, I sought stability and a job with enough status to make me feel worthy.

But following the well-meaning advice wasn’t that easy. It seemed that no one believed in me, no one would hire me for the fancy jobs I coveted. Even worse: I had stopped believing in myself. Self-doubt, anxiety and low self-worth consumed me.

With nothing left to lose, I leaned in to uncertainty. I moved countries twice with nothing but my last pay check in the bank. As I explored this wild playground, I learned there were still plenty of adventures left and I started to discover myself again.

The feeling of discovering myself, following my curiosity and actively choosing to invest in my future was so uplifting that I had to share it. So I left my stable job at the bank and dove into creating my own facilitation and coaching business built around my unique strengths and fascinations.

I have worked with many businesses and individuals to detangle their complex problems, zoom out the lens and look objectively to make powerful decisions. I dig beneath the stories and assumptions and reframe these into more empowering perspectives so they can get out of their own way and make the thing their heart secretly desires.

I am building the life and business of my dreams but I didn’t do this on my own. I was fortunate enough to have the advice and guidance of some of the world’s greatest minds. Discover is a curated collection of those lessons nested within my experience, a quick reference guide to embracing change and feeling comfortable in uncertainty because all the good stuff is on the other side.

Do you want to know what it’s like to explore with me?


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Discover Context course
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