Gratitude Cookies

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I love cookies!

…and craft and Christmas and gratitude just feels good.

“What you appreciate appreciates,” they say.

Studies have shown expressions of gratitude, like a regular gratitude journal or a gratitude visit, can improve happiness and contentment.

It’s about moving our attention spotlight. When we focus our attention on things we’re grateful for and things we do have in our life, we are reminded that we are safe and happy. With practice, this starts to become a habit and we begin to look for the good in everything – even the tricky times.

In turn, by looking for the good, we notice opportunities we didn’t see before, we have more resilience to difficult experiences and we practice kindness in our relationships because we care about them. The cumulative affect of these behaviours is increased happiness.

The good news is, you don’t have to practice gratitude super often – even writing 3 things you’re grateful for once a week is enough.

But of course, our brain and our attention love novelty. So if you really want to boost your gratitude, focus your attention and make it memorable, decorate cookies instead.

For bonus points, turn your cookies into a gratitude visit. Think of someone you’re grateful for that you’re able to visit in person. Decorate some cookies with them in mind. Wrap them in celephane or pop them on a plate and visit the person you had in mind. Tell them what each of the cookies represent and feel the happiness in the room skyrocket. You, and they, will get tremendous benefits from this.

Let me know how you get on. I’d love to hear your stories.

Be brave and curious,

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