Freelance Fundamentals

Becoming a Financially Flourishing Creative even in a Challenging Economy

Do you want to be paid for your creativity and artistic ability but not sure how start? Or, perhaps you’re already freelancing but your clients are inconsistent and frustrating to deal with.

This FREE online Masterclass Series is for you; to ground that creative desire in some practical knowledge so that you can start being paid consistently for your work. It is an overview to the process of attracting clients, finding problems and solving them to provide value, managing yourself as you work from home and monetising your unique creative work.

Build a resilient and profitable creative career

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Become a Financially Flourishing Creative Now.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could be paid for your own unique creativity?

Instead of creating for free exposure, your client recognises the value you provide and pays you a portion of that value. They also trust your creative vision and expertise, allowing you to do your best work without micro-managing, unending edits and scope creep.

You stop wondering where your next job is coming from. You don’t have to chase clients anymore, rather, they ask to work with you and see you as a professional.

And, you’re getting more done in less time because you’ve made working for yourself work in alignment with your creative process. If you want to work at the coffee shop, you do. If you want to work to music, no worries.

It’s possible. Armed with these Freelance Fundamentals, you will be empowered to attract ideal clients so that you can do your best work, you’ll have confidence in the value you provide and the problems you solve (and your clients will love you for it).

This course is not just about making money from your art, it’s about total creative freedom in your life and business.

“Being in the pressured ‘should’ place and the time management place was really actually removing my ability to be creative and tap into innovative thinking and new design approaches. Working with Hannah has completely shifted the way I want to do business in general, so it’s been really amazing.”

~ Chelsea, graphic designer and artist

Learning Outcomes

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Attract clients that can’t wait to pay you
  • Create a win-win-win so your clients know just how valueable you are (an invest in you without a second thought)
  • Become the best boss you’ve ever had: maintaining healthy productivity while working from home
  • Monetise your art: simplified contracts, finances and support

This is a comprehensive and high quality course. There is so much information packed into just under 3 hours of material. Each unit is broken into manageable and convenient chapters so you can learn at your own pace.

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