Affirmation Flower Arrangements

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“Words and me do not get along”

I want more happiness but I don’t want to journal.

Affirmations are known to improve mood but that doesn’t mean we’re doing them.

For many, journalling is not their comfort zone. It’s the kind of habit they ‘should’ do but it’s not for them. It’s hard work, they don’t feel the benefits and they don’t stick to it.

And let’s be honest, saying affirmations to ourselves in the mirror is super awkward unless you’ve been doing it for a while or you’re totally into yourself.

Affirmation Flower Arrangements are a fun way to get the benefits of affirmations, brightening your home and your spirit.

I hope you enjoy and feel your mood lifting.

Be brave and curious,

PS, this is my first Creative Exploration video. I am proud of it because it represents a new level of bravery for me. There is a lot wrong with it – it’s shot in portrait, there’s no music bbut it shows how far I’ve come so I wanted to share it with you.

PPS, you can take brave action too. You can learn and improve. Celebrate your imperfect action, cultivate your curiosity and share your story with me. I’d love to cheer you on!

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