Abundance Postcard

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“I’m not where I thought I would be by now”

Avoid the comparison trap.

You know that perfectly put-together friend? You love her because she’s sweet, smart and loyal but there’s a part of you that wishes you were more like her.

She seems to land on her feet easily. The right opportunities are magnetised to her. Her life seems almost shiny.

Even though she’s never said an unkind word about you, you find yourself feeling inferior by comparison – especially when life’s kicked you down. When your nursing a broken heart, battling a challenging work colleague or struggling to pay your bills she’s getting promoted, getting married, travelling again.

The truth is, it has nothing to do with her. She’s not living a fabulous life to spite you. She’s not the one making you feel small, you’re allowing your focus to linger on the comparison, to validate your hurt feelings. You have a choice in this.

Choosing to re-frame your focus can change your life.

Sometimes, in order to heal, we need to help someone else. Shifting our focus off our own pain and onto someone else creates space for generosity and gratitude. As we champion another, we lift ourselves up. We let ourselves know we’re worthy of being a cheerleader. As we offer encouragement, we find reasons to appreciate the other person. By appreciating, we practice gratitude.

A grateful and generous mindset makes us happy. When we’re happy, we’re able to take brave, imperfect action. Through a series of small steps, we build momentum and start living our own fabulous life.

Who can you celebrate today? Take some time and space to make them an abundance postcard.

For more information on Jennifer and her Kindness mission, check out her website Kindagious

Be brave and curious,

Success! You're on the list.
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