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Hi, I’m Hannah.

Welcome to Creative Explorations. Here, we explore creative mindset, creative play and creative thinking strategies to empower you to do more with your creativity.

I know you’ve got the skills, now it’s time to develop the inner confidence to get your work into the world.

This page is a little bit of a work in progress. Bare with me, it will be finalised very shortly. I wanted to show you though, because I believe mistakes and iterations are part of the process and necessary for success. There’s no room for perfection here.

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I walked away feeling excited about the future! You will definitely get something valuable out of it whether its one small thing or lots of things like I did, plus its fun and you get to be creative – whatever that means to you.  It is a great way to grow yourself in a friendly environment!


Complaining doesn’t get results.

When we’re trying to work through a problem we have in our life, our usual go-to response is to talk it through. This technique definitely has its place but it’s very easy for ‘talk it through’ to become ‘constantly complaining about it’.

Complaining focuses our attention on everything that is wrong with the situation and reinforces the position we are stuck in. While it can feel good in the moment, ultimately it is a tool for us to blame, make excuses and deny the position. Grumbling makes us victims of our circumstances.

Take control of your growth.

Stop complaining and start acting.

With Creative Coaching Tools, you get to learn by doing.

  • Use accessible materials
  • Are quick to execute
  • Clear instructions on why you’re doing the project, how it works and what you need to do.

Never feel rushed. Accelerate your progress.

You get to learn in your own space and in your own time. Watch the videos ahead of time or pause them as you go.

When we are able to learn in calm, comfortable circumstances, we’re able to relax our danger detector, allowing more higher level thought in our brain. Active creation also quiets our inner critic.

So, enjoying the process, taking it in your own time and having more fun actually accelerates your progress.

Activate your whole brain.

The research tells us that traditional forms of education overuse ‘left-brain’ thinking (verbal, rational and analytic thought) and often neglect ‘right-brained’ thinking (nonverbal, visual-spatial skills and intuitive, holistic thought). Although the left and right side of the brain process information differently, most complex thinking actually involves the interaction of both sides of the brain: whole brain learning.

By using colour, smell, sound, image, pattern and movement, we can speak directly to the subconscious mind, changing our thoughts from the inside out. High quality input means high quality output.

Invite fresh ideas and opportunities.

They say, “A new result usually requires a new behaviour.”

But what behaviour is the right one? If we knew what we’re supposed to be doing, we’d be doing it already. Change is risky and we want to make sure we’re moving in the right direction. But how?

Creativity activates lots of your brain. By lighting up more of your brain, you make unusual and innovative connections: new ideas.

Sometimes those new ideas light the next step. Other times, they prime your mind to look for new opportunity. This might be in the form of something you couldn’t have planned like bumping into the right person.

The answers are usually there already but they have been filtered out by your old ways of thinking. Creative Coaching Tools broaden the focus and help you see new things.

Don’t just use your whole brain, use your whole body.

Creative Coaching Tools focus on changing the chemical balance in your brain by moving your body and feeding it the right fuel.

The right brain chemicals aid the creation of new thoughts which inspire new actions which become new realities. They speed the learning process, speed the creation of new brain cells and connections and positively affect your emotional state.

For example, some Creative Coaching Tools involve moving your body which produces Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) which is like miracle grow for the brain. BDNF supports the growth of new brain cells and connections in the brain; the things that literally make you smarter.

Learning about yourself can be fun.

Most of us have heard the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. We know it’s good for us but we just can’t seem to make it a regular habit. Sitting still just isn’t fun and your mind starts racing with all the things you could be doing.

Instead, you can harness the benefits of these practices in really fun ways. You will move, create, sit quietly sometimes or play your favourite heavy metal to help you focus.

Creative Coaching Tools are playful and colourful. In fact, the more fun you have doing them, the better they’re working. Our state of mind is a factor that increases our learning. So if boredom is 0 and Super-Stoked is a 10, your learning will be 10x more impactful and resonant when you’re Super-Stoked and will be basically non-existent if you’re bored.

Please take ownership of your own learning. Alter, tweak or recreate the Creative Coaching Tools to maximise your stoke. Then share it with the community so that others can try your spin on things.

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