“Boss up and change your life.
You can have it all, no sacrifice.”

~ Lizzo


Get ready to feel the magic and possibility of your blue-sky vision

I help passionate creators and business owners who can’t see the forest for the trees. As we work together to detangle the confusion and doubt, you reconnect with the spark of inspiration and clarity you’ve been craving.


A deeply personal and transformational container to activate your creativity, confidence and agency.

Let me know if this
sounds like you…

You’re ready to stop

Keeping yourself small out of fear
Getting bogged down in the details and limiting assumptions
Procrastinating because of confusion and self-doubt
Spending all your time on day-to-day tasks and looking after everyone else at the expense of your own time
Playing by the rules of a boring person

So that you can

Safely expand into creating an enriched and fulfilling life
Zoom out the lens and see the big picture objectively
Feel motivatived to take clear, practical steps to advance your business or project
Carve out valueable time for yourself to step back, reflect, refresh and make impactful decisions that you’re proud of
Play by the rules of an exciting and creative person

Deep-dive vision, mindset and strategy support for heart-led creators who are ready to step into their Boss Vibes.

Private 1:1 Coaching

This container invites you to step away from day-to-day busy-ness and spend quality-time with your beloved business* or creative project.

You’re not the kind of person who gives up on yourself easily. You’ve been trying everything you can on your own but it’s still not coming together as you’d hoped. You know you need some help if you’re going to give this one more serious nudge.

Deep down, you still believe in your idea. But you’re feeling disconnected from inspiration, confused about how to move forward and unsure why you’ve stalled out.

Together, we’re going to clarify the vision, inspire motivation, banish fears and create clear action steps to advance your business or creative project.

You can have the success you secretly desire in a way that feels good.

* Note: running a business is optional, wanting to own your life experience is essential.

What’s included?

This is a deeply personal, transformational process and I hold a lot of space just for you.
4-hour deep-dive session to ignite your vision, banish your fears and create a strategy to move forward (value $1043)
2 x 60-90minute sessions over two months to maintain momentum ($600)
Weekly check-ins through Voxer (a private walkie-talkie style messaging app) (value $400)
Written summaries, tools and action steps (value included in sessions)
BONUS: free access to Discover for 1 year (value $540)
Total value: NZD $2583.00
Investment: NZD $1849.00

Payment plans available from as low as $370/mth.

Client Love

“Worth every dollar”

Jase B ~ Photographer

“I think the most valuable aspect was that the material was tailored to my business and personality. Generic advice can be useful, but it’s nowhere near as powerful as having content that is customised and responsive.

This coaching gave me a lot to reflect on about myself and my business practice. It also provided me with a range of tools to test and tweak to suit me. I feel like I have strategies to cope with the demanding nature of small business life.

I guess the right time to make this investment was a long time ago, but the second best time was as soon as the opportunity was presented!”

Oh, and if you’re wondering who I am…

I’ve always been a bit of a boss but I didn’t always know it.

I’m a true generalist: I started down a path of specialisation with my formal training and career as a graphic designer but I quickly branched out to include hospitality, retail, banking, risk, lending and workshop facilitation (along with a Masters in My Curiosity).

I used to think this was a problem. Now I know I wasn’t satisfied with playing small and kept feeling pulled to the next piece of the puzzle.

My outside perspective, ability to learn things incredibly quickly and insatiable curiosity are exactly what make me a valuable coach and mentor.

My coaching is part traditional: I ask a lot of questions, look for blindspots and assumptions and hold up a mirror for your experience because I know how powerful, creative and resourceful you are.

The other part is more like mentoring: here we put my vast knowledge and experience to use, plugging information gaps that help you step more quickly into creative problem-solving, steadfast confidence and impactful action.

The result is a highly practical, deeply transformational coaching experience.

Here’s what my clients say about my approach:

“If you are wanting to really reflect personally, be challenged, and held accountable, then Hannah’s approach is perfect for you. Her coaching style is supportive, honest and compassionate, but at the same time she won’t let you off the hook with excuses and dissembling. Worth every dollar.”
~ Jase, Photographer

“Hannah listens to me. Then she will respond with some learning that she has. Then we kind of ping back and forth and through that process together we uncover tools (projects, processes, different ways to think about and do things) that might be helpful to clarify and focus my creativity. It’s helpful and illuminating.”
~ Courtney, Writer and Comedienne

How else can we work together?

If you feel the pull to work with me but the 3-month deep-dive isn’t for you right now, consider these other options:

Discover Scout

$ free

Discover Context course
5 Lessons to up-grade your mindset and problem-solving
Bonus materials like group coaching calls

Discover Pioneer


Everything in Scout plus…

Full Discover Toolkit access
Discover Community access
Priority Access to Coaching Sessions
Bonus materials like group coaching calls

Discover Explorer

from $1043

Limited availability.
Everything in Pioneer plus…

4-hour deep dive 1:1 coaching session
Written summary, tools and action steps
Private Voxer (walkie-talkie) support for 1 week after the session

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I’ll be happy to answer.
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