Last week, I failed. Here is what I learned…

I missed 3 weekly blogs in a row.

The first one was a mistake. Wednesday crept up on me and I thought, it’s ok. I had been creating heaps of other, different type of content and I thought, I’ll just share about that next week.

Then another week passed me by. I hadn’t written, hadn’t reflected and by now it was turning into guilt and shame. It wasn’t just letting myself off the hook that one time, now it was a pattern of missed posts.

Week 3 loomed large. I wrote a post, had it all ready to go. I was going to acknowledge this disappearance and share my other content as planned. I saved the draft and planned to draw a picture to accompany the post.

I never drew the picture.

I never published the post.

“Maybe this is it,” I thought, “The end of blogs. Maybe it’s time to prioritise the other content.”

I had broken the rhythm of a well formed habit and now I was suffering the resistance of getting back into it. Building a habit, restarting a habit, is effort. Sometimes, it’s easier to call it a day.

Week 4 came around. I could no longer post the draft I had worked on. It was topical for the whole month of December and it was already Dec 11. I had to write something new.

Again I wrote a post and planned to draw a picture to accompany it. This time, though, I didn’t leave it in draft. I scheduled it to post the following day with or without a picture.

Should you strive for excellence? Of course.
Pay attention to the details? Yes.
But never let “perfect” stop progress.
You know what’s better than perfect?
Done. Done is better than perfect.

James victore

Done is better than perfect.

That is the lesson I have learned.

The guilt and the pressure don’t make it easier to post something the following week. The easiest thing is just to bang something together, chalk it up to experience and carry on improving and building on the groundwork you have laid.

We all miss deadlines and make mistakes. We’re counting them more than others.

I’m grateful that some of my followers read my blog anyway. I learned that they’re not just coming here for the pictures. It’s nice taking some pressure off the art. It is a lot harder for me than the writing and pushing it doesn’t help.

So, next time you have to recover after making a mistake, remind yourself that done is better than perfect. Take solace in the idea that there are no points awarded for guilt and misery and the only fix is steady momentum.

Go. Create something. Release it to the world then make something better next time.

Be Brave and Curious,

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Published by hfitzgibbonnz

Firstly, thank you so much for checking out my site. My work is intended as a gift and share it as I work toward a new level of bravery. The art is hand-drawn (mostly). It will have mistakes and asymmetry but it is honest and human. I am a wife and mother, an explorer, a wanderer, an investigator, an artist - driven by curiosity and an unquenchable desire to learn. We are in a very special part of this journey in that this blog is young and small. You're here, on the ground floor. I'd love to meet you - please get in touch and let me know a little about yourself. What do you wish you learned in school?

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