Challenging Beliefs

Some people have been wondering what my business is. A few weeks ago, I shared My Mission to help alternative education.

At the moment, my business involves delivering workshop training to small businesses and public classes. These workshops are centred around professional behaviour, customer service and productivity in a human way.

As the content becomes more refined based on the feedback of my in-person students, I hope to translate this to an online format. It’s a an evolving process and early days.

One of the most challenging parts about starting my business has been developing an outreach habit. This takes me way out of my comfort zone.

When someone has come to me, I have excellent service skills and confidence to look after them. But that won’t happen until my business is established. In the meantime, I have to go to them.

This process has revealed some unhealthy limiting beliefs of mine, for example:

  • I don’t have anything to offer yet – why would anyone want to meet with me?
  • They might think I’m wasting their time
  • They might think I’m trying to steal their idea
"If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them" - Jim Kwik
Drawn with Faber-Castell PITT artist pen black and edited with Enlight Photo Editor

Jim Kwik says, “If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.”

With this in mind, I have decided to dump my limitations and look at outreach from a new lens.

  • I believe that curiosity is a gift. By being interested in someone’s journey, it gives them a chance to reflect, gain new insight and validates how far they’ve come.
  • I believe everyone starts somewhere and people are generous to beginners.
  • I believe when the tide rises, all the boats rise. Approaching outreach with the attitude of seeking opportunity means everyone is better off.
  • I believe we don’t have the capacity to look after everyone ourselves and we feel better if there are other trusted people to support us – collaboration rather than competition.
  • I believe I need the help from others to succeed and the only way to get it is to ask.

Armed with these new, empowering beliefs, I have a question for you my wise reader:

What is the value of great customer service to you?

Please post in the comments or send me a message. I’d genuinely love to know your answer.

With gratitude,

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Firstly, thank you so much for checking out my site. My work is intended as a gift and share it as I work toward a new level of bravery. The art is hand-drawn (mostly). It will have mistakes and asymmetry but it is honest and human. I am a wife and mother, an explorer, a wanderer, an investigator, an artist - driven by curiosity and an unquenchable desire to learn. We are in a very special part of this journey in that this blog is young and small. You're here, on the ground floor. I'd love to meet you - please get in touch and let me know a little about yourself. What do you wish you learned in school?

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