Attract More Attention

Your message is important. Your business helps people. But how do you get them to pay attention?

Standing on a soap box is not a strong reach. It’s no longer enough to have a shingle out the front of our store or to drop irrelevant massages onto our social media feed.

Once a tree has established its roots it can’t move. If it drops its seed to the earth beneath, they would not survive as the tree is blocking the sun. The tree needs a wider reach.

The tree feels the wind and thinks, maybe this can carry my seeds. But the seeds are too heavy and while some get carried a little further away, the majority fall to the ground beneath the tree and perish.

The tree notices the birds, maybe they can carry a seed for me. But the birds are not willing ambassadors. The tree needs to attract the birds by solving a problem for them. So the tree crafts beautiful, fragrant flowers that will catch their attention and delicious cherries that will fill their hungry tummies. The birds come and eat the cherries and carry the seeds far and wide.

We need to attract ambassadors of our message.

Drawn by Hannah Fitzgibbon with Faber-Castell Watercolour Pencils and Faber-Castell PITT artists pens S in black.

Ambassadors are not easily won. Your message must be quality and carefully crafted into the right format and size for your ambassador; a bee and a bird cannot spread the same message and they’re not looking in the same place. Our message must be useful for them also, something they want to easily take on-board.

If it solves a problem for them and is packaged in such a way that it fits easily into their life, then they will willingly share it further than you ever could on your own.

Is your message easy to digest and useful to your ambassador? Does it solve a problem for them as well as the people they share it with?

Published by hanfitz.creates

I'm Hannah, a business coach for creative professionals. The world needs creativity and innovation: this is how we progress as humans. But, the creative journey is paved with challenges: we're told the story of the starving artist since we're children, our brain is hard wired to resist anything new (like creative ideas), we doubt our ability and worthiness to succeed and we crush our ingenuity with judgement and comparison. Yet, we know our purpose is to create. I help visual artists, designers and illustrators bridge this gap with my uniquely curated knowledge and experience of graphic design, finance, human behaviour and neuroscience. You have invested time and resources into their technical skill; now, it's time to invest in your mindset and strategy. After working with me, you can confidently communicate the value of your work, attract clients and charge what you're worth through multiple income streams. This frees up more time and energy to do what you're best at: create.

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