3 Life Changing Books of 2018

I read 3 life changing books in 2018. They were not written in 2018. They are timeless. They might also change your life. But, if you’re not one for reading whole books, I have come up with a tweetable summary for each book and a sketch note of how these concepts work together.

– Dan Pink

We are not driven by Carrots and Sticks rather intrinsically motivated by Autonomy over task, time, team and technique, Mastery and Purpose.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You
– Cal Newport

Work with Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose is rare and valuable. You need to build rare and valuable Career Capital through Deliberate Practice to offer in exchange.

– Carol Dweck

A Fixed Mindset is judged by the outcome, good enough or not. A Growth Mindset recognises the effort, strategy and help from others behind any task. Failure is not bad rather a learning experience on your way to Mastery.


Published by hanfitz.creates

I'm Hannah, a business coach for creative professionals. The world needs creativity and innovation: this is how we progress as humans. But, the creative journey is paved with challenges: we're told the story of the starving artist since we're children, our brain is hard wired to resist anything new (like creative ideas), we doubt our ability and worthiness to succeed and we crush our ingenuity with judgement and comparison. Yet, we know our purpose is to create. I help visual artists, designers and illustrators bridge this gap with my uniquely curated knowledge and experience of graphic design, finance, human behaviour and neuroscience. You have invested time and resources into their technical skill; now, it's time to invest in your mindset and strategy. After working with me, you can confidently communicate the value of your work, attract clients and charge what you're worth through multiple income streams. This frees up more time and energy to do what you're best at: create.

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