The perils of forcing your creative voice

Ahh, the creative voice. The thing that makes your work recognisable and valuable, if only you knew what it was. This causes a lot of anxiety and pressure for artists, but there’s an easier way…

Stop selling and start listening.

It’s natural to want to rush the sales conversation so that you can spend more time creating. But is this really working as well as it should?

Seriously, anyone can learn to draw!

It’s time to debunk the talented artist myth. Anyone can learn creative skills. Talent is optional. Don’t believe me? Check out the progress from these 7 amateurs in just 2 hours!

Can we still create right now?

With all the craziness in the world right now, you might think that your creativity has abandoned you. Can we really still create right now?

Creativity is not a luxury.

Have you ever let the idea that creativity is reserved for the financially fortunate and the lucky talented ones stop you from creating? Do we really want to allow this myth to prevail?


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Hi, I’m Hannah.

I’m on a mission to spread creative thinking skills and spark your inner creative voice.

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